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travel planning services to make travel stress free


learning to improve your travel photography means capturing challenging images like this one at dusk of the colosseum in Rome, Italy

Travel Planning Services


A travel plan doesn’t mean lack of flexibility – in fact, just the opposite! A good travel plan allows you to adjust on the fly, and have options suited to you at your fingertips.
Planning travel can be overwhelming or time consuming. Choosing one of my travel planning services lets you relax and just enjoy!


Travel planning services I offer include:
One-off consultations to get you on the right track or solve a specific concern
Weekly support availability to guide you along your planning journey
Custom created itineraries including complete top-to-bottom coordination.


We start with a consultation, where I get to know you. My job is to discover what excites you about travel.
I make sure that your trip is perfectly suited to your interests, travel style, and budget.
All of this is done without commissions or kickbacks – I work only for you.

Travel Planning Service Options

Travel Consulting

Schedule one-on-one hourly consulting at any point in your travel planning journey. Sessions are by phone or video chat with follow up support by e-mail. Ideal for those that needing intensive help in one area or to decide overall destination, dates, & budget. There is a 2 hour minimum.


Travel Advisor Support

For those that want to ultimately plan travel for themselves but also want support and guidance along the way. Available by text and e-mail on a weekly or monthly basis at any point in your travel process. Perfect if you’ve narrowed down your destination, dates, and budget.

From $85/week

Custom Itineraries

The premium travel design option includes a 1 hour consultation so that I can craft the perfect itinerary for you. Specific recommendations are provided for lodging, dining, and activities. E-mail and phone support included before and during your trip.

From $195

Complete Coordination

Just pack your bags and get to the airport! Every detail is taken care of so you just enjoy your perfect trip. You will receive support by phone and e-mail before and during your trip. Options are available to have an on-site facilitator for all or part of your trip.

Custom quoted

Travel Planning Services FAQ

Are you a travel agent?

I am not a travel agent. The best description is that I am a travel consultant and advisor, offering multiple levels of travel planning assistance. Any option or service coordinated for will be the best fit for you. A variety of services are available to best suit your needs. Precisely because my clients come first, I don’t rely on commissions or kickbacks from vendors.

Do you use tour companies?

The only time a tour might be part of your trip, is for specific needs or interests. This could be a history walking tour, wine tour, or adventure tour. I do not use tour companies for an entire trip, since I specialize in independent travel.

Can’t I just use the internet?

The internet can be an amazing tool, but It’s a bit of a double edged sword. Sifting through the mountains of information can be time consuming or confusing. Does the person giving advice have the same travel style and preferences? Is the post (whether for a hotel, activity, location….) sponsored, and can you trust that hasn’t unduly influenced the writer? Are you getting complete and accurate information about a place?

If you have the time and patience, you can of course DIY your trip. My blog can be a great resource for all things travel planning, and you can always choose one of my more hands-off services.

Do you contract travel agencies or tour companies?

I provide all service options in-house. Carefully vetted local guides or specialty tours may be recommended or booked for you, but you will always know that they are independent contractors, not employees or paid partners. I do not apply up-charges to services they provide.

Which of your services is right for me?

If you still like doing most of the travel planning yourself or have started plotting your itinerary, hourly consulting is ideal for you. If you don’t have the time, desire, or experience to create your itinerary, my custom itinerary service is a perfect fit. Not quite sure which is the best fit? Just send a message he best option for your needs.

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