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Travel Art Shop by Ella

Choosing to purchase my travel art photos supports a small business. Seeing my work head for someone’s wall brings so much joy – and allows me to continue sharing the world I’m so lucky to explore.

Choose from classic prints you can frame on your own, modern metal or acrylic art pieces, wrapped or framed canvas and more. All of my travel art is archival quality, using the best and most trusted labs in the photography business.

Scroll to view my travel art photography: from L to R Budapest (Parliament), Budapest at night, Belem Tower in Portugal, a hot air balloon rising over Florence, sunrise over Rome, coastal California, Edinburgh at dusk, and Segovia’s castle at sunrise.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite place out of the many I’ve explored. Everywhere I look, I see beauty or a story. From sweeping landscapes across the American west, to architecture ancient and modern, to the unique personality of a place, I never tire of exploring via my lens. For a more complete array, visit my travel art print shop.

Scenes from a 2 month road trip across the United States. Alien-like spires of Bryce Canyon, a storm roiling around the Lonliest Road, undulating white dunes of White Sands, moon rising over desert … the beauty and scale of these landscapes is humbling!

My most extensive travel art photography collection is from Italy. My father is Italian, having moved to the U.S. as an adult. Naturally that resulted in a passion for all things Italian, and a great deal of time spent there.

To say I’m in love with Italy is insufficient. From icons of Rome to little-seen villages and landscapes, sharing my second home and heritage is such a joy.

The photos here are just a small selection, many personal favorites or popular with travel photography lovers. Much more in-depth collections are found in my dedicated travel art shop. Select images, or similar images from the same location, are also available for professional and commercial licensing.

More than a Print Shop

When setting out to shop travel art, it can get overwhelming. Whether trying to find the perfect gift for someone special or find the right fit for your home or business, I am here to help. If you are looking for something specific – a particular location, color scheme, or style – please get in touch.

My archives contain even more than what you see in the shop. I’d be delighted to create a custom solution tailored exactly to your needs and tastes. The highest compliment is to have someone choose one of my images to adorn their walls. I’d love to help you find just the right one (or few!) for yours.

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