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Who is this Ella person anyway?

woman in blue skirt jumping in amsterdam

Welcome to Wanderstruck

I’ve never been much for talking about myself but here we are! If you’re on this page then you must want to know a little about the human behind this site.

People are drawn to travel for a host of reasons but mine is an inexplicable yet intense desire to experience new places as much as possible. Whether a quick weekend getaway or an epic months-long adventure, I love it all.

Since I have yet to discover a trust-fund left behind by a mysterious aunt I didn’t know existed, I travel on my own dime. I hunt for deals, travel in off or shoulder season, and save as much as I can when not traveling. To some my choices might be downright luxurious, to others ridiculously frugal. I’d say I’m frugal but willing to splurge.

When not traveling I’m planning more, attempting to corral my (digital) mountains of photos, working out, or learning to cook something besides Italian food.